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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 27, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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what is the count down to? >> 20 seconds. >> we've got probably in the neighborhood of 300 to 400 people, maybe more. tons of people are out here and it certainly gotten bigger in the last few hours or so. now we will do the countdown. here we go. 10 seconds, everybody. [altogether] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [cheers] .> there it is the shopping day begins for people who've been waiting all day. tripthe kind of camping where the sweetness comes not from the smallest, but the deals. >> i'm excited about a 50 inch television. >> she got the best -- the first spot in line at best buy at 8:00 this morning. later,here a few minutes
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and he is thankful he did. you seeee people -- >> people that are familiar to you in a way. >> waiting all day for a price on a thing from tech to toys. at the kmart in annandale, shoppers only had to wait until 6:00 a.m. to get started. sherry robinson has no regrets. >> you've got to get it. you've just got to get it. >> at walmart, it look like any other day, people still shopping for the big meal. >> just a quick stop to get my daughter something and a couple of last-minute things. i was really happy they were open. >> the decision to spend thanksgiving in front of a closed store is certainly not for everyone. >> i think they are crazy for us up there is enough time for deals the next day. there is no reason to get out in line ahead of time. >> but if you ask mark burrows, there is no need to choose between eating and waiting. >> if you are going to sit
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around the house anyway, you might as well sit around somewhere and be productive. >> being productive is what is going on right now. they've got a very orderly system. they got the shopping carts and the shoppers are loading up televisions, ipads, and all of the above. estimated people are to shop across the country this thanks giving day. an estimated $2 billion, maybe a few million more, will be spent on this day alone, cutting into black friday sales. as you can see her, and exciting moment at the best buy. get out heret to as quickly as you can and get the good deals as well. >> jeff, we are just going to e-mail you our list of that's ok. >> no problem. i'm excited to run in and do some shopping myself. in fairfaxdberg live tonight. thank you. within the next hour, more than a dozen stores just like that will be officially opened to kick off the holiday shopping
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madness. already up and running full speed are kmart, old navy, toys 'r' us, and hh gregg. best buy and jcpenney just open their doors moments ago. the next big wave comes at 6:00 begins itsn walmart doorbusters. other stores including corals, the outlet said leesburg corner, macy's, outlet that national harbor, and potomac mills mall will have -- as well. .he full list is at >> if you are trying to get to the stores, you might have noticed something getting around today. a lot easier than most 5:00 hours during the week. very few people on the road. >> a glorious commute. only a few slow spots around the area. almost the entire beltway is running without incident tonight. how often do you see all green on this map?
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and taking a look at route seven near tysons corner, i think you could go skateboarding down that. on i-95 near potomac mills, couple of headlights. not too much traffic. the montgomeryw mall, the problems once again. -- no problems once again. >> make sure you take a coat and probably had and gloves when you head out, because it's getting chilly out. the d.c. government has already said it will activate its hypothermia alert starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight. for what you can expect in the coming hours, let's go over to brian van de graaff. tolooking for temperatures zip back into the 30's. 20's in the suburbs. take a look at the live camera from the weatherbug network. now,an see in laurel right 39. in the 40's earlier. the sun is down. 36 renowned gaithersburg.
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it's dropping quick -- quickly. the cool air is living in. 37 at dulles. 44 at downtown. 43 in annapolis. through this evening, a single or flurry is not out of the question. it cold, but not too extreme. it is cold, but not too extreme. overnight tonight, temperatures will be bottoming out in the 20's. tomorrow, lots of sunshine, but with a northwesterly win at 10 to 15. we will talk about when they warmer air may arrive. that is coming up in just a bit. story now to a developing in columbia, maryland, where one person is critically hurt after police say a gunman forced his way into a home and opened fire. the shots ring out inside an apartment on stevens forest road . minutes later, second injured person was found in an suv three blocks away. kevin lewis is live in columbia
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tonight with how those two scenes are connected. altra, police just sent an update saying the 19-year-old man injured in the suv actually lived in the apartment with a shooting took place. adding to the confusion, the two big questions at this hour, who is the gun men and where is he now? -- who is the gun man, and where is he now? it sorted with a knock at the door. a man with a mask pointing a gun at her face. he barged in and shot a man in the apartment multiple times. he was airlifted to shock, with serious injuries. officers responded to the shooting and stumbled across this ford suv. they drew their guns. >> i can tell they were shouting at the couple, telling them to on the ground. >> josiah wilson was putting a turkey in the oven and looked out the window and saw police cuffed a man and woman in the suv. >> this is the first and giving out had with my family at my
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house. >> and there is a shooting scene out front. ex yes, with the road blocked off. i'm not sure how they will feel about that. >> police are questioning the occupants, saying they may be suspects. >> just a short time ago irony out the details and questioning them. many are sick of the crime. >> my family came here from jamaica. we came to america to escape things like this, and to see it's still going on, we came here to escape the crime and the violence and all those things. it's like we never left. again, the 29-year-old man shot in the apartment remains in critical condition. in 19-year-old from the suv had an injury to his hand. police tell us it was most likely a targeted attack, but they have no idea really do that suspect is. in columbia, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> the national fallout from the decision in ferguson has spilled
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over into a national tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. new york city police arrested seven people who they say knocked down barriers and smashed windows along the parade route. as you can see here, the protesters were met with an overwhelming number of uniforms. notfreight itself was disrupted. the nypd said it factory it in -- it factored in such protests when it plan for security. as snow fell in missouri, national guardsmen walked on and businesses repaired image from night of violence following the grand jury decision not to in -- indict officer wilson for the shooting of michael brown. -- a suspectedis carjacker is behind bars, to the relief of many. police believe darian robinson is behind to carjackings that were just days apart.
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we are now learning this is not the first time he's been accused of such a crime. stephen is live tonight near the vienna metro station with more on robinson's past and what led to this arrest. darian robinson was convicted of a similar carjacking in the 1990's. the most recent incident went down. a woman came to the vienna metro station, got off the train and went into the parking area. night about 10:30 p.m. at and as she was driving out along this road ready here, that is where a man approached her with a gun and her ordeal began. next the suspect, 42-year-old dairy and robinson, nabbed in baltimore today. this after the release of surveillance shots for the carjacking and abduction at the vienna metro station november 12. >> oh, yes, it is definitely a really. i think everybody will feel a lot safer now.
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>> the carjacking came in of days after and about a mile away from an almost identical crime at a shopping center. both incidents took place at about 10:00 at night. once he forced his way into their vehicles, he did not take off with their cars. instead, robinson allegedly took the women with them -- with him. >> economic imagine what was going through their minds. >> police said he forced them to take him on a two or of atms, where he instructed them to withdraw cash and handed over to him. >> you never know if he's going dolet you go or hold onto to further harm. >> in both of these carjackings and objections, says that got out at the carrollton metro station and left the women unharmed. i'm glad they got in, because everyone around here is putting much trusting and assumes they don't have to worry about those things. it's good they got him. >> darian robinson was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 1998. obviously, he got out early.
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tonight, he is behind bars in baltimore, but eventually will sent toited -- will be fairfax leeward -- where he will face charges. >> a new alternative for people who want to fry turkey, but don't want the risk or the hassle of having to do with the deep fryer. there are alternatives out there to toiling away in the kitchen. chef mark bucher is a big-time restaurant guy, founder of three successful hotspots. but today, he is manning the fires at his medium rare on capitol hill, cooking turkey after turkey for free -- anyone who brings him a bird. >> it is a mixing pot in the restaurant today. it's a fun time. started modestly a few years back, and in one thanksgiving he got a thank you note. >> a homeless family got lots of free turkeys, but nowhere to cook it. >> in fact, many of these are from the annual turkey giveaway.
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many others are from folks who want to try something new. ex my daughter is excited and said, i wanted a fry turkey. >> avoiding a long day of cooking at home in a very surprising place, the cafe of the american museum -- american indian museum. this is their thanksgiving meal. the cafe features native fair and is the work of chef jerome grant. he said he is feeding 700 people today. turkey and of his also served with the pilgrims ate. >> shellfish as well as wild elk for the >> admitted where, fried turkey and lots of them. and no risk for those at home. is awesome.his a lot of people don't even know you can fry a turkey. >> it's been such a big success. folks here at me
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new mayor say they will extend their hours so they can fry even more turkeys. >> thank you. the first family, like millions of other americans, dining in tonight. and in this thanksgiving address can a president obama said he was looking forward to a day of catching up, watching football, and eating some good food. what a menu. it includes a turkey, ham, two types of stuffing, winter greens, mac & cheese, green being castro, sweet potato , as well as mash potatoes and dinner rolls. and if that isn't enough, there is a selection of six different types of pies for dessert. if you can tell from the menu, president obama says thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. >> and what did you say with the average amount of calories? >> about 4500 calories. president blew through that. that is a lot of basketball
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games and golfing. ex michelle just gives up today. ex today does not count. >> yes. artists accused of sexually assaulting clients. why one of them is breaking her silence and says she thinks things will go from bad to worse for the >> plus, this puppy wandered into a place you don't expect to find a yorkie.
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>> it is a d.c. tradition -- unlike any other. d.c. bureau chief sam ford takes us inside this year's turkey bowl. >> of the good thing about d.c.'s turkey bowl this year, it was not boring. game between the within warriors, perennial champs, and the night. -- the knights. this marching band is probably more famous. they were there to cheer on
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their football team in a turkey bowl for the first time since 2009. this is about more than just a football game. for many, if an annual reunion, a lot of them football players who can talk about that play they made in 2006. >> played in a turkey bowl. he actually won that first 34. if it's about family come into the game with grandpa. >> i like it. >> y? >> because i like football. >> or the fun of watching her son on the football field. the two people without french fries and frying fish and massive trees, and this year, about an amazing performance by the band. but on the field, with the failed once again, 16-12 over belew.
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reporting from southeast washington, sam ford, abc seven news. excellent a picture-perfect day they had for an outdoor game. with that risk for some. axt it's november -- >> little bit risk. >> it's november. authority: sitting and beneficial tomorrow. but it will warm up again. >> is going to be a little coldold this evening and tomorrow. but it will warm up again. on the network, a shot from ashburn. you have a single or flurries. none of our stations around there are reporting anything touching the ground.
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the 45 at kathy park town -- parked downtown. i gaithersburg at this hour. 37 at dulles. there are some tattered clouds. -- scattered clouds. add-on for medical will search clear out in the moisture will. dawn,. the moisture will they are. if was taken.
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even though we got into the upper 40's and near 50 today, probably tomorrow around 40 degrees. south of town maybe into the low 40's. factoring in a breeze that i'm anticipating small, probably a from the windchill factor. this saturday, the winds are more southerly and with that push, in the mid to upper 40's on saturday and even warmer on sunday, upper 50's. and monday, maybe even near 60 degrees. there is some milder weather in the longer term. if you are out doing some shopping this evening, getting down through the 30's into the upper 20's. it will be a cool evening. there will be somewhat of a breeze. for black friday tomorrow, it will be cold. only mid 40's. it will be brisk. if you are at the indoor malls, that is good. if you are at the outdoor malls, dress in layers. upper 40's on saturday.
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by sunday, upper 50's to near 60. by next monday, i do think that will be near 60 degrees. a cold front will come through monday night and could bring a couple of showers. then we are cooler tuesday into wednesday. another system is working its way in tuesday into wednesday. if it comes tuesday night and we get enough cool air to settle in, there could be a bit of wintry weather. we are not sure yet when the time will happen. below average in the latter half of next week. all things considered for the next couple of days, time with the family, maybe a little bit chilly, but it should be good for the nation traveling home this weekend. >> sunday is a very big day for the airlines. up, i dog found in the
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last place you would expect. how firefighters are leading the effort to find out where this little guy came from. thanks.iving we take you along for the ride
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>> i'm thankful for my family who supported me and brought me food and socks and gloves and
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chair. >> a credit card, maybe, would be nice, too. some are thankful for the chance to go out and go deal hunting on what is quickly becoming the new black friday. but for others, it's giving up the holiday to lend a hand. murphy and felicia tanner our friends bonded by volunteerism. >> i just love to help people. would rathere guy do anything else. >> they are bringing a full meal , courtesy of food and friends, to breast cancer fiction -- patients. all the meals have been prepared volunteersed by 700 and the staff at food and friends. for 26 years, this nonprofit has brought a turkey dinner to the hiv/aidspatients with and other chronic illnesses.
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>> people feel very vulnerable, particularly in the holidays when they are sick. , the holidays important. it's essential, no question. but -- the essentials are important, no question, but people are hungry for relationships as well. pounds of turkey, 1000 pounds of potatoes, and 780 pounds of green beans. this is naomi's second thanksgiving receiving a meal from food and friends. >> i'm thankful for food and aiends to be able to bring thanksgiving meal that, really, i don't know if i could afford to get everything. it's a blessing to my family and i. we are grateful. next -- >> the number of clients continues to grow. in 2014, they served an additional 270,000 meals and they expect that number to grow with a greater number of
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volunteers required as well. >> the search is underway tonight for the owner of a yorkshire terrier. the small dog walked into the saint joseph's fire station in springdale late last night. firefighters warned him up and give them food and water. they say he is well groomed, nursed, and has a tag with no identifiable information. >> very cute and active. does not want to be alone. and wants to be held and was a lot of attention. >> if someone is missing their pup, today, firefighters went to nearby homes looking for the owner. they will see tomorrow if the dog has a -- an 90 chip. if you recognize him, contact the fire department. years in the making. >> i cannot say thank you enough for the >> a prince george's county teacher meets one of the men who pulled her from a
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burning car. only on seven, but the hero told her when they finally met face to face. a secure retirement.
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a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build betteter lives for their families. opportunity. that the real walmart.
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news atwatching abc 7 5:00. new accusations.
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four women have come forward saying matthews assaulted them as well. an interview we will -- you will see only on 7. the story of how mark matthews turned two tattoos into an assault. >> he slid his hand this way. >> it happened here at his studio and lasted for 30 minutes. moment -- thiss photo after staff infections. >> that is all right. >> five women, all strangers, have told matthews assaulted them. he has been charged in four of the cases.
5:33 pm
damascus went to a townhome. ink is where we found the artist working in august after allegations first surfaced. police say there is a story. we would like to share both sides. to so many girls. >> he says matthews needs help. >> no one is supposed to touch you, and somebody goes into that, it is wrong, and it was not confronted. >> matthews has not been able to barson, so he is behind awaiting his trial. his attorney has not responded to our phone calls. as far as police go, there can storm more victims out there in the baltimore area where matthews used to work. kevin lewis.
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>> the man convicted of stealing thousands of aluminum carts from the postal service will spend seven years in prison. was sentenced in federal court today. prosecutors say he and another man stole 2600 carts in capitol heights and sold them to a recycling. as part of his sentence, howard thanrdered to pay more 400,000 dollars in restitution. time for another look at today's top stories. a man is in shock trauma after a shooting this afternoon inside an apartment in columbia. police are questioning two people stop in an suv a few blocks away from the incident. that man had an injury to one of his hands. police do not believe this is a random act. dariance arrested robinson this morning in baltimore county. police say he carjacked a car
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in fianna on november 12. police are looking into whether robinson was involved in a similar carjacking a few days earlier. 5:00.y stores opened at others will throw open their doors at the top of the hour. for list of when stores open, go to >> a taste of home. u.s. soldiers in afghanistan are celebrating a special thanksgiving this year. hundreds of soldiers took time to enjoy turkey and the fixings today. this is the last celebration for the mission ends on december 31 this year. that comes as afghan police report more violence in kabul, saying there was a loud explosion this evening. earlier today a suicide bomber targeted a british and the sea
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vehicle. -- a british embassy vehicle. focus overseas can workers armed. mage to the coliseum in rome. a man $2500 and he received a prison sentence. ofs was another incident families and by a tourist in the past year. up, a person pulled from a burning car.
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-> gaucher college is -0 goucher college is experimenting
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with houston apply for the college. bowen made a drastic change to admissions. thousandsre tens of of high school students a yearwho have the grades, the sat's and do not apply to any collegearts because the process is intimidating. firstcher is the school to say forget test scores. no extra points for fancy lighting or editing. this video is about content and clarity. >> a video on here talking to you and you can really get a sense of who i am as a student. >> bowen calls this an experiment. >> if nobody makes a good application, we will not admit anybody. >> it will be interesting to see
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how this plays out. >> i think it is cool because it gives more of your personality. aboutdents are concerned what level of students are going to be able to get into the school since they do not have to show their grades. >> i think it is better because our generation is always on computers and we know how to use technology. bowen hopes this option will open the door to qualified students who might not otherwise apply. >> we are willing to try something that will fail because if it succeeds it will have massive benefits for those tens of thousands of students who are not applying to college. >> video applications are due by december 1. so far the school has received only handfulf video submissions. roberts isrobin rewarding those who give others so much to be thankful for.
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first got to the corner, as they got closer, it was robin roberts. i took the handbrake, and just jumped out and gave her a hug. whyonight at 8:00, find out roberts met this waste management employee. luckily he stopped. ahead, the decision from opec that is certain to impact how much you are paying for gas. >> a stranger saved her life three years ago on thanksgiving.
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>> a prince george's county teacher is finally getting a chance to say thank you to the man who helped save her life. >> those men pulled her from a
5:46 pm
burning car three day years ago. the reunion you will only see here on 7. >> two men helped brittany carlson that day. thehad not seen her since date of the crash. she was in the hospital for months after the accident. time the two finally took to meet again under better circumstances. it is hard to slow down brittany carlson. she has waited years for this moment. >> three years. >> andre is an angel on earth. >> i can run now, stand, all thanks to you. on ae accident occurred thanksgiving morning three years ago. carlson has not seen him since then, since the crash at this corner. degree and took my car
5:47 pm
out. broken bones all over brittany's body left her trapped. >> that is when i saw the flames under my car, but i realized my leg was not working. burned, ther two men pulled her to safety. >> i would do it again. >> today on thanksgiving, brittany carlson is saying thank you. >> i do not cook well. >> strangers brought together for the first time by fate, the second time by gratitude. , thish hearts full pair is meeting again, a holiday gift for both of them. >> to see her today, another
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blessing. >> brittany carlson could not ist andre before now does it a legal case and he is considered a witness. he is getting used to it, his family tells us matlock also said someone from drowning at a local pool just a few years ago. what an amazing story. incredible. thank you. s is already at a five-year low and may fall even further. that is why opec has decided to keep prices at its current levels. a june, prices were $115 barrel, driven by reduced conception, the national average is now $2.79 a gallon. >> the fbi is investigating a threat to the university of mississippi campus.
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threat is against trees in the grove. ole miss officials are taking the threat seriously. >> we have encouraged fans to watch for suspicious behavior, to be alert. >> the note was signed hail, state. investigators are using postmarked information to track down the suspect. along the same lines, it was four years ago that an alabama man poisoned the famous oh trees at a corner at auburn university. last year, university finally had to cut them down, but only after this rocket celebration. the man convicted of poisoning the trees was ordered to repay the university nearly $800,000 in damage. >> here's a look at what is coming up at 6:00.
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a thanksgiving tradition is now underway, hundreds are lined up at stores. and then more information of the terrifying moments at a shooting in: via, maryland. tonight at 6:00. >> another check of your weather. brian van de graaff is in the weather center. we will shape up the end of this thanksgiving day. >> we will wrap up on the cooler note. a lot of the places state in the mid-40's. take a look at the webcam, and you can see it gets dark so early. 44 downtime. a breeze at 12 miles per hour. the wind-chill, 38 degrees. no big situation. that would be a catalyst for the
5:51 pm
cool air moving in, but will not provide any winter issues later tonight. the overnight, partly cloudy. wake up tomorrow, some up at 7: 05. clear and downright cold as you go bargain shopping. but the of sunshine. degrees --about 30 40 degrees. morning, 40 in the by afternoon. the weekend provides a more bit of primus. by sunday, upper 50's, and monday, near 60. cold front monday wi bring a few showers in the evening. they tuesday into wednesday, the next system moves in here. a mix on tuesday night. until then, at least an upper trend after a brisk black friday. more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. the skins are now playing, but they certainly -- >> are still the talk of the town.
5:52 pm
the skins got after it this one. the jobless still continues. though he is not the starter on sunday, he was still the center of attention. reporters followed rg3 every step of that wacom asking about the big change. here's what our cameras got. >> um -- you know -- >> short and sweet. coach's decision. despite a subpar season, the redskins still have a lot to be withful for, spending time family and friends. they need to stay focused on indianapolis. sweet potato casserole. >> we will host some of the guys on the team, spend time with
5:53 pm
family. f's -- the five football, family, friends, food. >> the turkey bowl. the defending champion. picked off here. into the fourth quarter, but cooper gets its revenge. rebels and for the touchdown., that turkey bowl. looks like fun. >>
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i am thankful for my dad keeping us warm and protecting our country. >> 4500 calories.
5:57 pm
$3000 for the meal, $1500 for everything else. put that in perspective come all the fact is three sticks of butter. stats like that that made for standing room only at crowded local gyms. >> the race to burn off the calories before the meal. >> these people are not standing around waiting for a deal on thanksgiving. they are piling into this cycle studio to spin. in this class riders are encouraged to follow the beat. most people want to stay healthy, and i do, too. >> the average american will consumed 3000 calories on thanks giving day. it is why they are opening up
5:58 pm
their doors the day after the burn off their extra weight. feeling the burn and working your muscle fibers. who wants to do that on thanksgiving, right? we found plenty of people. >> i feel better about myself because i did it. >> many had a similar train of thought. several classes at locations around town have been busy today. >> it is busy. we have full classes all day. like making ferguson say they wanted to enjoy the holiday without feeling any guilt. >> it is becoming a new tradition -- shopping on thanks giving. the numbers and how businesses are getting you in that door earlier and earlier.
5:59 pm
plus developing news from columbia where police are investigating a shooting, and caught on camera, the thief caught red-handed. how you can help police, next. >> live, from the abc 7 news broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. side.r >> the new thanksgiving day trend, waiting in line and shopping for deals. love it or hate it, it is a tradition that does not appeared to be going away anytime soon. tom joining us from northwest d.c. how are the crowd looking at this hour? >> you remember the old days when people used to get up early on black friday shut, then it became midnight, and this store has been open for an hour. they are going to sell these fairly soon. let's go around and show you the line. tv's are the most popular item. they are only letting several
6:00 pm
dozen people in the store at a time because they do not want craziness to the low. -- to develop. some of them really had to work to get that tv. when did you get here? >> 7:30 this morning. >> 8:45. >> considering the temperatures were in the 40's, that made for a long day of waiting. are you cold? >> yes, i am. >> as the day went on, the line grew, stretching around the block. for truly everyone we talked it came for one reason. what cause you to stand all day here? [indiscernible] the doors finally opened, and no surprise. the tv section was the most popular area by far. inene dorset, the first one line this one, finally got to go home with his bran


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